my new Anchor MTB

Shimano chain installed

In order to get the Anchor rideable, I had to apply some TLC to the drive train.  I was amazed at the amount of dirt, sticks, etc that was caked into the rear cassette.  Once I had the rear cassette cleaned out, I was able to install the 9-speed chain (Shimano CN-HG93).  I have Sheldon Brown to thank for the great instructions (  When installing a new chain, wrap the chain around the largest diameter from and rear gears without going through the rear derailleur.  Take out any slack in the chain and include one more link.  This will get the chain to the correct length.  Before connecting the loose ends, string the chain through both the front and rear deraileurs.

I ran the bike successfully through all of the gears, so no further tuning was needed with the derailleurs.  Unfortunately, I uncovered also discovered that the rear brake disc was warped and needed to be replaced.  I’ll drop off the bike at the bike shop in the next few days to replace the brake fluid and install a new rear brake disc.

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