The forecast indicated that it was supposed to rain all day today…so, I wasn’t planning to ride.  I was busy with errands in the morning when it was sunny and then it became overcast in the afternoon.  I was finished with errands after returning from store around 3pm.  Since it was still nice outside, I was resolved to get a ride in today after all.  I started on the Muromi River ride with the intention of exploring a little farther than I did before and finding the best route (scenic, w/o traffic).  However, as I was nearing the turnaround point for my normal 20K ride, I saw thunder clouds in the distance.  The clouds were dark gray and menacing.  They were piling up in the valley ahead and along the mountain top on the sides of the valley.  I decided it would be best to leave further exploration for another day.  Overall, it was a good ride at 25K/hr avg, but I admit that I didn’t push too hard during the last 10K.  There was a pretty still headwind during the entire way back and I wanted to have some gas in the tank in case it actually did start to rain.  I had no trouble making it back home, but a long ride would not have been a good idea.  Shortly after I got home, the clouds opened up and release a crazy thunderstorm.  Lightning flashed outside the apartment and was followed immediately by a giant…BOOM!  I definitely did not want to be out in that weather.  It was much better to be warm and dry inside while updating my blog and drinking a beer.

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